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WIDI Recognition System 4.5 for Windows is released.

WIDI 4.5 new features:

Free upgrade for WIDI 4.4 buyers, for older purchases starting discount for upgrades is available.


Halloween Week Sale is on.

There is a 15% Halloween discount on all permanent WIDI Recognition System licenses. Moreover, find a large pumpkin on our site, click it and get a horrible 30% discount on WIDI Professional. The pumpkin is no more than 2 clicks away from the main page. The discount is active until November 5.


Spring sale is started.

We offer a substantial 20% discount on new WIDI Recognition System Professional and WIDI Audio To MIDI Plugin licenses. It is valid until May 5.

Order now and save!


Audio To MIDI Plugins 1.30 are released.

An updated version of our plugins contains several bugfixes and also is available in 64-bit. Both VST and Audio Unit editions are released.

Download and try them for free now!


Our traditional Christmas discount is on!

Buy WIDI Recognition System Professional or upgrade from WIDI Standard to WIDI Professional with a 20% discount. Merry Christmas, and let the upcoming 2017 year to be actually prime!


30-day WIDI Professional license is now in our store!

We offer temporary 30-day WIDI Recognition System Professional license just for $29.9. It is intended to be useful if you need to accomplish just one project involving Audio to MIDI transcription tasks. Order now - WIDI 30-day license.


We are 18 YO! It is our first mature birthday and we offer a mature 18% discount.

"The falling leaves drift by the window. The autumn leaves of red and gold."

And we celebrate our 18th birthday. It was so long ago when first Music Recognition 1.8 was released. Thank you for being with us all these years. Celebrate with us - we offer 18% discount for just two weeks.


WIDI 4.4 for Windows & Mac OS X is released and Christmas discount.

WIDI 4.4 is released. We added many improvements to TrueTone Editor, made WIDI compatible with Windows 8.1/10, and fixed a lot of bugs. Also we offer 20% discount until 2016 both for new orders and WIDI Professional updates and upgrades.


WIDI 4.3 for Windows & Mac OS X is released.

We did it - WIDI code is finally ported to the Qt platform. Finally there is WIDI Professional for Mac OS X, thanks to cross-platform uniform code. While there are no important new features, overall speed, compatibility and stability is improved substantially. WIDI 4.3 is a free update for all buyers of WIDI 4.x. We also offer limited discount for upgrading to WIDI Professional for Mac OS X until July, 15.


New WIDI 4.1 for Windows is released.

New WIDI 4.1 is ready for use with Windows 7. TrueTone editor now allows precise off-beat arrangement to follow tempo nuances accurately. New bar metronome feature makes it possible to follow rhythm by ear. Several annoying bugs are fixed, and WIDI is now capable of reading some scarce subtypes of mp3 files. Since WIDI 4.1 registered version requires activation via Internet or e-mail.


New WIDI Recognition System translations available.

Thanks to our users, WIDI Recognition System is now available in Spanish and in Czech. Use Language Manager in WIDI 4.0 and above to switch between existing localization or to create your own. All localizations are available on the localization page.


Mute Vuvuzela software.

WIDISOFT is developing software that can save your delicate ears from horrible Vuvuzela sound.



20% Christmas Discount.

WIDI Recognition System (all editions) is 20% less until January, 1. Order now and save!


WIDI Recognition System Standard 4.03 for Mac OS X is released.

WIDI technology is now available as a stand-alone music recognition software for Mac OS X. WIDI Recognition System does not require any additional host software (compared to the WIDI Audio To MIDI Plugins), just install and use it!

WIDI Standard 4.03 for Mac OS X is functionally equivalent to the Windows edition:

Special upgrade prices are available for registered users of WIDI Audio To MIDI AU/VST for MacOS X, as well as WIDI Recognition System for Windows until July, 1.


WIDI Recognition System Standard 4.02 is released.

WIDI Recognition System Standard 4.02 includes the same new features as WIDI 4.0 Professional but does not contain TrueTone Editor.

New features are: new Euclid algorithm, drum detection feature, Composition Analysis module with ability to detect tonality and tuning, new Equalizer with Scale Mask feature and some more.

Trial version is available for download. Registered users of previous WIDI Standard 3.3 can upgrade for free. 10% Introductory discount is valid for both Standard and Professional edition as well as for upgrades from older versions until May, 10.


WIDI Professional 4.02 update is released.

WIDI Professional 4.02 maintenance update is now available for download. Several bugs found in 4.0 are fixed:


WIDI Recognition System Professional 4.0 is finally released!

Long-awaited WIDI Recognition System Professional version 4.0 is now available for download!

New Euclid recognition algorithm with comprehensible and effective settings allows to reach new level of recognition accuracy. Newly added drum detection algorithm allows to clone your drum tracks to MIDI commands, with ability to separate high-pitched, medium and bass drums to separate tracks. Another novelty in algorithm area is a Composition Analysis module, that includes Tuning determination algorithm to compensate instrument detuning and Tonality Analyzer for both Audio and MIDI pieces.

New double-layer Equalizer allows to choose scale and set piece tonality (or get tonality info from Composition Analysis module) to avoid all off-scale notes with one click.

Also: Language manager created, to choose WIDI's language or create your own translation.
Score viewer is now available in TrueTone Editor.

See detailed list of WIDI 4 features.

All upgrades from WIDI 3.3 Professional are free. If your 3.3 key does not work with WIDI 4, please request a new key from


WIDI 3.32 and Able MIDI Editor 1.32 are released.

WIDI Recognition System and Able MIDI Editor are updated for better Microsoft Windows Vista compatibility.

Able MIDI Editor is now based on WIDI 3.3 TrueTone Editor and includes additional features such as Quantize, Change Volume, Align Note Onsets and Ends. No significant new features that are scheduled for WIDI 4 are included in this release.

All upgrades from corresponding editions of WIDI 3.2, WIDI 3.3 and Able MIDI Editor 1.3 are free. If your key does not work with this release, please request a new key from


WIDISOFT takes part in MusikMesse'2008.

MusikMesse trade show takes place every year in the Messe Frankfurt complex, Frankfurt am Main. The show collects vendors and distributors of musical instruments, equipment, software, books etc. from all over the world...

Read the complete story.


Merry Christmas!

All titles are 10% less until January, 1. Order now and save!


WIDI Audio To MIDI AU 1.21: now a Universal Binary.

Audio To MIDI Audio Unit is now a Universal Binary. New version 1.21 can be installed either on PowerPC or Intel Mac system from a single package.


WIDI Recognition System: from mp3 to score step by step.

We are often asked, how to use WIDI Recognition System, and is it really possible to achieve acceptable recognition quality. This instruction gives an exhaustive answer: How to transcribe music with WIDI Recognition System.

The article describe the process of transcribing particular mp3 step by step. Each step is illustrated by images and Flash demos. Initual mp3 as well as all MIDI's and WIDI's intermediate files are available for download.


First WIDI Audio To MIDI Audio Unit is released.

The new plugin is compatible with most AU hosts for MacOS X. Based on the WIDI Audio To MIDI VST, WIDI AU includes chord recognition feature and a built-in MIDI recorder. The plugin allows to use arbitrary MIDI Output devices, including virtual MIDI devices for routing MIDI back to the host. Get the trial version of WIDI AU from our download page.


WIDI Audio To MIDI VST 1.15 - Maintenance update for MacOS X.

WIDI VST 1.15 is compatible with Ableton Live 5.2 under MacOS X. Ableton users are strongly recommended to update.


WIDI Audio To MIDI VST 1.10 - with chords recognition feature.

New release of WIDI Audio To MIDI VST Plugin contains several important features. Now the plugin is able to recognize chords in real-time. Chord names are displayed in the plugin window, allowing you to accompany recorded music in realtime. A new MIDI recorder is created to simplify recording of MIDI files.

Paste buttons avoid the necessity to retype registration code manually. The compatibility with several VST hosts such as Ableton Live is improved. Version 1.10 is based on the VST engine v2.4. Registered users of WIDI VST 1.xx can upgrade to WIDI VST 1.10 for free.


WIDI Audio To MIDI VST 1.05 - maintenance update.

Maintenance update of WIDI Audio To MIDI VST plug-in is released. Some critical bugs in the MAC version are fixed and overall stability is improved. There are no more bugs with registration code entering and MIDI file writing. New version requires MAC OS X 10.3.9 and later. For Windows version, MIDI file writing is improved.

All users of WIDI Audio To MIDI VST for MAC OS X are strongly recommended to update to 1.05. New version can be downloaded here.


Christmas discount!

Order until January, 1 and save 20% for the following titles:

WIDI Recognition System 3.3 - probably the best Wave to MIDI transcriber available.

WIDI Audio to MIDI VST 1.02 - music recognition plugin for Windows and MacOS X.

Able MIDI Editor 1.3 - handy and inexpensive piano-roll MIDI Editor.


WIDI Audio to MIDI VST plugin now available under MAC OS X.

Now WIDI Audio To MIDI VST plugin is available for MAC OS X! Mac version includes all the features that are in Windows version, including detailed help in MacOS compatible format.


WIDI Audio to MIDI VST plugin 1.02 released.

WIDISOFT is pleased to announce that WIDI Audio To MIDI VST plugin version 1.02 has been released. Now WIDI VST is available for Windows. Plenty of new features added in comparison with WIDI VST 0.99 Beta version. New version includes Equalizer tool, selectable MIDI output method, controlled instrument and velocity of output notes and many others. Now it comes with a detailed help file! All operating modes and controls are described in detail, step-by-step launching instructions for popular VST hosts are provided and a great number of explanatory screenshots are added.


New WIDI 3.3.

Drawing on our experience in using previous version of WAVE & MP3 to MIDI converter, we equip our new WIDI with a host of improvements. We add WMA files support, Recognition Settings now allows to control minimal note velocity and velocity range parameters. Updated TrueTone Editor (WIDI Professional) makes possible to improve notes readability easily with the Quantize tool.
Read full list of improvements in what's new page.


WIDI VST 0.99b released.

New version of WIDI Audio to MIDI VST plug-in with improved compatibility with non-Cubase hosts released. Now WIDI VST is compatible with Audio Logic, Cakewalk Sonar and others.


20% discount on WIDI until June, 1.

We provide 20% discount on WIDI Recognition System until June, 1. In order to obtain discount, just visit our order page and follow order link at any registrar company.


FREE WIDI Audio To MIDI VST Plugin pilot beta 0.99 released.

WIDI Audio To MIDI VST is Free realtime Audio to MIDI conversion plug-in for Windows VST hosts. The plugin receives input from an audio channel and performs realtime music recognition.


Able MIDI Editor 1.3 released.

Able MIDI Editor is an inexpensive MIDI Editor for Windows. It allows you to compose and edit music in MIDI form. The Editor is designed similarly to a Piano Roll, i.e. the time axis is located horizontally, and different positions on the vertical line correspond to different pitches.


WIDI 3.2 released.

Enjoy new power of TrueTone Editor! New version of our MP3 to MIDI converter contains many unique features and improved look and feel as well.

Recognition Wizard, Recognition Presets and support for Stereo Recordings make recognition engine more powerful. Precise Bar-line arrangement, either manual or by Tapping Tool, helps to produce printable score from MIDI files. Multiply selection, Track Editor and Note Map features of TrueTone Editor simplify editing.


20% Off until Christmas.

Buy the best MP3 to MIDI converter and save! There is a 20% discount for WIDI until January, 1. To get discount use the following procedure:

RegNow: On the third page you will find "Have a coupon or promotional code? Enter code here:" entry field. Type in WIDI-JP4J and press "Apply" button.

Share-It: On the second page there is a "Your coupon code" entry field. Type in WIDI-JP4J and continue ordering process.



WIDISOFT will present preview of the new WIDI version at October,1 on SofTool-2004 exhibition (Moscow, Pavilion N 69 of All Russian Exhibition Centre). The presentation will take place at the stand of SoftKey company (stand G03) at 16:00. We will be happy to meet you there and hear your questions and suggestions about WIDI.


WIDI 3.0 is finally released!

We are proud to present the WIDI Recognition System 3.0 to you. It has many new exciting features, including new TrueTone Editor™ and Realtime Conversion Module as well as many other improvements.


WIDI 2.7 is released.

It contains new recognition algorithm. CD grabber and Wave Recorder added, plus the ability to use ACM-compressed WAVEs. Some important bugs were fixed. Now we have a web forum.


Version 2.6

MP3 support added. Possibility to use intermediate files for faster calculations added. Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 are supported. Now you can keep recognition settings and options in system registry. One minor bug with MIDI file writing fixed.


Version 2.51

Two bugs were fixed: one with FFT transform and one with 44100Hz WAVE buffering. Quality of FFT method is improved, try it!


First public release of "Music Recognition" version 1.9

This was first open publication of a WAVE to MIDI system. It was console application, it did not contain any GUI part. It worked even under DOS!

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