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Is there Music in Space?

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WIDI Stories.

Some of our users apply WIDI to very uncommon tasks, such as the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Peter Henry Cheasley, radio astronomer from The Seti League, Argus Station FN35dm, uses WIDI Professional to convert the sounds of space to music.

Peter Henry Cheasley:

Is There Music in Space? - Yes

Music recognition computer programs have become available. In 1996, the author of this poster paper, Peter Henry Cheasley VE2TPR, recognized that the noise coming in over his radio telescope, 3.5ghz , was music. The use of this recognition computer program permitted the immediate conversion of the incoming signal to musical notes based on the harmonic system of music. WIDI version 3.0 introduced enharmonic notes into the recognition process and WIDI 3.2 permits a more sensitive capacity.

Gamma Ray Blast Visual Detection by Radio Astronomer Peter Henry Cheasley- confirmed by Widi Recognition Professional 3.2. Signal from space, components identified by musical notes, duration and velocity.
Radio Telescope FN35dm. RA 09 47 33 Dec +45

Radio telescope observations are recorded daily. Those of importance are submitted to The Seti League, P.O. Box 555, Little Ferry, NJ ,U.S.A., for peer review.

This fact that music exists in space is determined by practice. The future starts with two questions: Space and Planet Earth used the enharmonic music scale until 1300 AD: Why? Philippe de Vitry replaced the enharmonic scale with the harmonic music scale, in Europe: Why?

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WIDI Recognition System was applied to the task of Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.