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Our company has evolved from a group of enthusiasts called "Music Recognition Team". The group released its first public product, "Music Recognition 1.8" in 1998. Though the conversion quality was rather poor, the product received some resonance and still can be found in a some old software archives. Later program was renamed to WIDI Recognition System and other titles was added to WIDISOFT product line. Currently WIDI Recognition system is a flagship product of our company. Program development history is described on our company site at

Nowadays WIDI customers are living in more than 60 countries of the world. We are working on further improving of our transcription algorithms and continue developing more convenient user interfaces. We also provide some custom sound and music processing solutions on the leading edge.

WIDISOFT is located in Moscow, Russia.

Feel free to contact us at

The key persons in our company are:
Stepan Andreenko - CEO
Dmitry Kurgansky - Documentation and support
Alexander Trousevitch - Research and Development
Semen Lobov - Programming

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WIDI is an mp3 to MIDI, WAVE to MIDI and Audio to MIDI converter, with realtime recognition option.