How to translate WIDI

WIDI uses ordinary text files to store localizations. You can use any localization provided with WIDI, and switch between them with the use of Language Manager.  You can translate whole WIDI interface or only part of it into another language using an ordinary text editor.

Localization file contains strings in the following form:


ID=Translation text


For example, it can be:


00924=Apply Scale Mask


Note: It is very important that one string occupies exactly one line. If interface string spans several lines, "<BR>" tag is used to separate them.


When installing WIDI already contains a few localization files.


How to load another localization

In order to switch between available localizations, select it from Active Language list, press OK and restart WIDI.

If localization is available as a Text file, use Add button from Add Language File section, it will add new localization to the Active Language list.


How to create new localization

It is possible to create new localization based on any currently available localization. For example, you can translate WIDI from Russian to Spanish or from English to Dutch.

First you need to get file for translation in your preferred language. Select it from Get Existing Language File list and press Get All Strings to save it.

Open the file with any text editor and translate strings (it is recommended not to exceed significantly the number of symbols in strings, otherwise they would not fit).

Use Add button to add translated file to the Active Language list .


How to update old localization

You may have an older incomplete localization file. This can be your own translation (for example, one translates only WIDI menu and you decide to translate some dialogs as well) or localization file from older version of WIDI. You can use this file to get all strings that are not translated in it.

Choose any recent localization source from the Get Existing Language File list, then use Get New Strings button and select the incomplete localization txt file. Save difference file

Translate the saved file you get (or some strings from it) and use Merge with Current button to update current incomplete localization.


Note: It is important that you should use complete and up to date localization as difference source and use incomplete old localization to merge with.


Please let us know if you translate or going to translate WIDI Recognition System to other languages.

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