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Options Page

Options page contains settings for chord indication, MIDI output and routing. To open this page, use OPTION button on the top of the main window.


Output section allows to set MIDI output method. Several methods can be selected at the same time.

SHOW CHORDS turns on indication of chord names at the top of the spectrogram window.
Delay slider under the button controls the delay chord names will be displayed with. This can be useful if your host sends audio events to the VST plugin in big advance.

MIDI to VST HOST outputs MIDI to the host program. This method can be chosen for all VST hosts that supports MIDI input. There could be also a hint whether your VST host can handle MIDI events or not.

MIDI to MIDI OUT outputs MIDI directly to the system MIDI Out device. The list under the button allows to choose the device. Use only devices not opened by your host application.

See MIDI routing for details on choosing the Output method.

Channel allows you to assign recognized notes to any MIDI channel. Click on the number to change it.
Instrument slider determines the instrument. Selected instrument name is displayed below the slider. Move the slider to change the instrument.

Note. Channel and Instrument slider affect only MIDI Out and MIDI File output methods.

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